Apr. 22nd, 2009 04:57 pm
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So okay. I was sitting in my school law class and this girl makes a kind of disparaging remark about feminists. The professor hesitantly asked who in the room was feminist so of course I raised my hand. What you have to understand is that there are maybe... 25 people in the class altogether and only three of them are men. I wasn't expecting the whole class to raise their hands, heck I wasn't even expecting half of them to. Looking around I thought I'd see three or four other women in the class with their hands up. I didn't. I was the only one.



Here, have a long rambly rant about feminism. )


At any rate, be glad you aren't Ryan because while you have the option of a cut tag Ryan had to listen to this entire rant in person. I would feel worse but I've listened to him rant about WoW a million times, so whatever.

Also, have a link about the government's complete incompetence when it comes researching about torture. Because today is apparently my day to be angry about things I have no control over.
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...I got myself an open ID on Dream Width, which is a new livejournal type service. As they're still in beta mode right now you can make an account if you have an invite code. People who have accounts have invite codes they can send to friends and they also randomly are sending invite codes to people with open IDs.  After April 30th (which is when they officially open), they send everyone with an open ID an invite code and you can buy in starting at like, 3 dollars.

Er. Anyway-- so as you can see I was given an invite code today and so now I'm testing the cross-post thingy-bob they have. Also, I have invite codes (though I don't know how many... I should check on that...) so tell me if you want one.

So, now I'm on Dream Width as vashti (vashti.dreamwidth.org).

Just thought I'd let you know.


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